We provide orthodontic mouthpieces free of charge.

We offer monthly in-office whitening/cleaning and home whitening solutions at affordable prices.


OFFICE Whitening


One set (approximately 10 minutes of irradiation x 3 times) is performed within the same day. Including the examination, the treatment time is approximately 1 hour.
You can see the effect immediately on the spot. You can expect better results by doing it two or more times.


HOME Whitening


This is a method of whitening at home under the guidance of a dentist. It takes about 2 hours a day for 2 weeks. The advantage is that the whitening effect lasts for a long time.


*All prices listed include tax.

Office whitening + cleaning ¥2,5000/time(2-3times required)
Home whitening mouthpiece ¥15,000
Home whitening agent(10%) ¥5,000
Home whitening agent(16%) ¥5,000


  • Whitening cases

    • before BEFORE
    • after AFTER

    Office whitening case (one hour office whitening, unprocessed image)
    One in-office whitening session (10 minutes x 3 treatments) gave me great whiteness and transparency.
    You can feel this effect even just once, but by using home whitening in addition to in-office whitening, you can achieve even clearer and whiter teeth. can be kept.
    Office whitening
    Advantages: Effects can be seen in a short period of time
    Disadvantage: The color inside the tooth is not removed, so there may be some regression. Also, depending on the condition of your teeth, staining may occur after surgery.