Price List


invisalign orthodontic treatment

*All prices listed include tax.

Invisalign correction Mild cases
(simple cases of anterior teeth)
¥715,000(5-year orthodontic quality guarantee)
Invisalign correction moderate case
(posterior teeth occlusal adjustment case)
¥935,000(5-year orthodontic quality guarantee)
Invisalign correction moderate cases
(tooth extraction cases, highly difficult cases)
¥1,045,000(5-year orthodontic quality guarantee)
Pediatric Invisalign orthodontics 1st stage case
(mixed dentition)
Pediatric Invisalign correction second stage case
(permanent dentition)
Pediatric Invisalign Orthodontics Stage 1 + Stage 2 Orthodontics ¥990,000(5-year orthodontic quality guarantee)


ceramic crown

*All prices listed include tax.

German Dentsply Tessra all ceramic material (crown) ¥120,000/piece
German Dentsply company CEREC MTL zirconia material (crown) ¥120,000/piece
German company Dentsply Tessra all ceramic (veneer) ¥88,000/piece
German Dentsply Tessra all ceramic material (inlay) ¥66,000/piece
Immediately completed on the same day ¥5,000/piece


Dental Implant

*All prices listed include tax.

Swiss Straumann Hydrophilic Pure Titanium Implant SLA Active ¥330,000/piece
Germany Dentsply Tessra all-ceramic material (dental crown) ¥120,000/piece
Germany Dentsply CEREC MTL Zirconia material (dental crown) ¥120,000/piece
Completed on the same day (implant surgery + crown) ¥15,000/piece
Mini implant (bone anchor screw) ¥55,000(2~4pieces)



*All prices listed include tax.

Office whitening + cleaning ¥2,5000/time(2-3times required)
Home whitening mouthpiece ¥15,000
Home whitening agent(10%) ¥5,000
Home whitening agent(16%) ¥5,000


general dentistry

*All prices listed include tax.

Cleaning*(tartar removal) Insurance applicable
Subgingival Craning Insurance applicable
Tooth decay (small light-curing resin filling) Insurance applicable(3-4 pieces included)
Tooth decay (medium-sized plastic inlay restoration) National insurance applicable(Requires 2 hospital visits)
Tooth decay (severe - may require root canal treatment, plastic crown restoration) Insurance applicable(Requires 3-4 hospital visits)
root canal treatment Insurance applicable(minimum 1 bottle depending on bacterial infection status)
CT and examination cost Insurance applicable(approximately ¥5~8,000)
Wisdom tooth*(ambush) Insurance applicable(approximately ¥5~8,000)
Wisdom teeth* (non-impacted) Insurance applicable(approximately ¥3,000)
Letter of introduction to university hospital Insurance applicable(approximately ¥3,000)