General Dentistry

Our goal is to restore the smiles of our patients.
Please feel free to contact us with any concerns, no matter how small.


At our hospital, we provide treatment that is easy to understand and provides treatment that does not put a burden on patients. We protect your oral health with our high level of professionalism and hospitality, including precise examinations using digital X-rays


List of Medical Specialties

  • 虫歯治療Cavity treatment
  • クリーニングCleaning
  • 親知らずWisdom teeth
  • 歯周病Periodontal disease


*All prices listed include tax.

Cleaning*(tartar removal) Insurance applicable
Subgingival Craning Insurance applicable
Tooth decay (small light-curing resin filling) Insurance applicable(3-4 pieces included)
Tooth decay (medium-sized plastic inlay restoration) National insurance applicable(Requires 2 hospital visits)
Tooth decay (severe - may require root canal treatment, plastic crown restoration) Insurance applicable(Requires 3-4 hospital visits)
root canal treatment Insurance applicable(minimum 1 bottle depending on bacterial infection status)
CT and examination cost Insurance applicable(approximately ¥5~8,000)
Wisdom tooth*(impacted) Insurance applicable(approximately ¥5~8,000)
Wisdom teeth* (non-impacted) Insurance applicable(approximately ¥3,000)
Letter of introduction to university hospital Insurance applicable(approximately ¥3,000)