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    Gummy smile improvement case

    We offer innovative dental treatments to improve gummy smiles and restore beauty and confidence. In this case, we performed a comprehensive treatment that combined ceramic crowns, laminate veneers, and gingivectomy to improve the patient's gummy smile.

    Patient status:

    The patient was suffering from a gummy smile, had excessive visible gums, and was dissatisfied with the shape and aesthetics of his teeth. She found it difficult to show her confident smile.

    Treatment plan:

    First, we performed a detailed diagnosis and confirmed the patient's wishes and expectations. The treatment then proceeded with the following steps.

    1. Gingivectomy:

      Gingivectomy was an important step to improve your gummy smile. Excess gum tissue was removed to increase tooth exposure. This surgery improved the beauty of the patient's smile.

    2. Tooth adjustment:

      After the gingivectomy, the teeth were adjusted to further improve the shape and aesthetics of the teeth. The tooth surface is prepared to prepare for the placement of ceramic products.

    3. Impression acquisition:

      After adjusting your teeth, we take precise impressions and custom-make ceramic crowns and laminate veneers. At this stage, the patient was able to preview the expected outcome of the treatment.

    4. Ceramic crown and laminate veneer installation:

      The final ceramic crown and laminate veneer were fabricated and attached to the patient's teeth. Ceramic aesthetics have improved the beauty of my teeth and helped me regain my confidence.


    Through this comprehensive treatment, patients can now show off their smiles with confidence. By improving her gummy smile and exposing more teeth through gingivectomy, she now has an attractive, natural-looking smile. After her treatment, she is expressing herself more confidently and spreading her happy smile.

    Treatment details