Invisalign Straightening: The most advanced way to get a beautiful smile

The incorrect alignment of teeth can be a complex for many people. Especially as an adult, orthodontic treatment can affect your social life. Invisalign orthodontics, which we offer at our clinic, is a cutting-edge orthodontic method that effectively and discreetly resolves these concerns.

Transparent and unobtrusive

Invisalign correction uses clear plastic aligners. Therefore, it is hardly noticeable even if you wear it.

Comfortable fit

Invisalign does not use metal brackets or wires, so you don't have to worry about it hurting your mouth. Additionally, aligners are removable, making eating and oral care much easier.

Advanced technology

Invisalign orthodontics uses 3D technology to scan the patient's tooth alignment. Based on this data, we simulate the entire orthodontic process and create an effective treatment plan.

Short-term effects

Invisalign often produces results in a shorter period of time than traditional orthodontic treatment. The length of treatment depends on each individual condition, but many patients feel immediate improvement.


Invisalign orthodontics is a comfortable and effective orthodontic treatment method with few visual disadvantages. At our clinic, we will propose the most suitable orthodontic plan according to each patient's individual needs. Please feel free to contact our hospital.